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Hospitals and Institutional Providers

A cornerstone of Grayson Thomas is to provide targeted services to support hospitals and other institutional providers. Our lawyers serve for-profit, nonprofit and governmental hospitals, and other institutional providers in transaction, tax, corporate, reimbursement, and regulatory compliance matters.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonLisa ThomasCallie Campbell

Academic Institutions and their Affiliated Foundations

While we provide legal support to general counsel of several universities, colleges, trade schools, and other academic institutions, we have extensive experience directly representing such institution’s nonprofit supporting foundations, which are designed to manage the institution’s endowment, real estate, intellectual property, research activities, development activities, alumni relations, and athletic programs.

Attorneys: Clay Grayson, Callie Campbell

Academic Medical Centers
Academic Medical Centers not only teach new generations of healthcare professionals, they provide patients and the community with healthcare services from everyday needs to highly specialized care and research for complex diseases, illnesses and injuries.  We work with Academic Medical Centers to assist them with acquisitions, regulatory compliance, joint venture affiliation, establishment of new practice areas, compensation, and a host of other services.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonLisa Thomas, Callie Campbell

Physician Practice Plans and Groups

Our lawyers have along history of representing physician practice plans and groups in a number of areas.  Our lawyers have provided advice on practice mergers, acquisition, and joint ventures with an emphasis on compliance with state and federal physician referral and anti-kickback laws, as well as corporate practice of medicine restrictions.  We function as general counsel to several physician practices, providing advice on regulatory compliance, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement, managed care contracting, privacy and security, real estate, and employment.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonLisa Thomas, Callie Campbell, Elizabeth Riddle

Nonprofits and Supporting Organizations

A significant number of our clients are organized as nonprofit entities, and we have cultivated multi-disciplinary skills to serve nonprofits as outside general or special counsel.   We have assisted in the formation of numerous types of nonprofit corporations and trusts, the processing of applications for 501(c) status, preparation and review of 990 tax returns, and counseled clients with operational issues related to unrelated business income tax, excess benefit transaction issues, private inurement violations, and permissible lobbying activities.

While many of our nonprofit clients are oriented in the healthcare, academic, or technology sectors, we serve a wide range of other nonprofits and charities.   We also serve arts organizations, museums, private foundations, churches, and spiritual centers.

Attorneys: Clay Grayson

Research Foundations and Institutions

We have developed a significant practice devoted to research foundations, whether stand-alone or affiliated with academic institutions or healthcare providers.   Our research foundation clients have interests in computing, advanced materials, energy, and health information technology.  In many instances, we provide legal support to technology transfer and sponsored research programs, in addition to helping such organizations acquire significant equipment or intellectual property.

Attorneys: Clay Grayson, Callie Campbell

Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are strategic alliances of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, which come together voluntarily to give coordinated high quality care to their patients.   The goal of ACOs is to ensure that patients, especially the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors.   While the long term success of the ACO model has not been tested, and a variety of ways to establish ACOs are emerging, we are dedicated to assist ACOs as they begin to take root across the United States, and offer a variety of services, which makes us well-suited to assist healthcare providers and technology companies navigate the dawn of the ACO movement.

Attorneys: Lisa Thomas, Callie Campbell

Health Information Organizations and Exchanges

Our attorneys have been on the cutting edge of health information technology for several years, and serve a number of health information organizations, as they manage and protect patient information for hospitals, physician practice groups, and academic medical centers.   With a strong background in data protection, our attorneys have developed sophisticated data usage and reciprocal sharing agreements, data collaboration agreements, and electronic informed consents, and have prepared and continuously updated privacy and security plans.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonLisa Thomas, Callie Campbell

Technology Start-up Companies

Grayson Thomas leverages its strengths as a corporate law firm, with a focus on business formation and transactions, to provide general or special counsel services to several technology start-up companies, assisting them through formation, employee incentive plans, intellectual property protection, and transactional work.

Attorneys: Clay Grayson

Software/ Technology Developers and Licensors

We represent a number of national software and app developers and licensors in the areas of e-commerce, defense, social networking, health information technology, insurance, accounting and record keeping. We routinely draft software licenses, contracts, and related agreements, including master software licensing agreements, software as a service and hosting contracts, open source licenses, professional services agreements, and agreements related to the protection of data.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonCallie Campbell




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