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Our experience with hospitals and universities, and their respective sponsored research and technology transfer programs, has provided us the opportunity to work in the areas of advanced computing, software, data management, health information technology, advanced materials, energy, fiber optics, e-commerce, and privacy and security.

Grayson Thomas additionally represents a number of start-up, commercial technology companies, with concentrations of software, apps, and website developers, e-Commerce vendors, and health information technology and life science companies.

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  • Drafting and negotiation of software and app licenses and development agreements
  • Sale, Assignment, or License of Intellectual Property Portfolios
  • Technology Transfer from Universities, Hospitals, and Research Foundations
  • Licensing, adoption, and implementation of Electronic Health Record and health information technology programs and systems
  • Development of Clinical Data Warehouses and Data Exchanges
  • Internet commerce and privacy issues
  • Drafting Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for Websites
  • Open source releases of software and programs
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Drafting and updating privacy and security plans

Attorneys: Clay GraysonCallie Campbell

Our attorneys have counseled several universities, academic universities, and research foundations in connection with their programs of sponsored research and technology transfer.    We believe these twin activities are drivers of innovation and our economy, and we have cultivated experience to assist clients on the continuum from sponsored research to technology transfer.

We have advised clients on all aspects of their sponsored research programs, including strategies to minimize liability and unrelated business income tax exposure, contract negotiation, compliance with the Bayh-Dole Act, management of conflicts of interest, publication rights, and issues related to intellectual property policies and disclosures.   We have provided legal support in connection with numerous grants funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, The Duke Endowment, a variety of other governmental agencies and private foundations.   Additionally, given our healthcare orientation, we have experience in the area of human subject research and informed consent, including compliance with HIPAA and the Common Rule, and have worked closely with clients and their Institutional Review Boards.

We have significant experience assisting universities and research foundations in the transfer of skills, knowledge, technologies, and methods of manufacturing to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.  Our representative work includes the transfer of intellectual property portfolios in the energy, healthcare, computing, and advanced materials sectors from universities and research foundations into commercial entities, as well as the open source release of software, computing, and other technologies.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonCallie Campbell

Grayson Thomas leverages its strengths as a corporate law firm with focus on business formation and transactions to provide general or special counsel services to several technology start-up companies, assisting them through formation, employee incentive plans, intellectual property protection, and funding.

Leveraging our experience in the healthcare sector, we often work with companies that have a focus in the health and life sciences.   Our technological concentrations include software, health information technology, fiber optic networks, data storage, nanotechnology and medical devices.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonCallie Campbell


In addition to assisting our business clients in technology acquisitions, Grayson Thomas represents several national software developers and licensors.   We routinely draft software licenses, contracts, and related agreements, including master software licensing agreements, software as a service and hosting contracts, open source licenses, professional services agreements, and agreements related to the protection of data.

Because healthcare is a core competency of Grayson Thomas, our attorneys have extensive experience with regard to health information technology and have negotiated several hundred contracts for the sale or purchase of EHR software products.  Additionally, we provide legal advice and counsel in connection with the development of health information exchanges, clinical data warehouses, and telemedicine applications, and experience in the application of HIPAA and the Common Rule to such emerging technologies and the relationships that they establish.

We are keenly aware of the importance of protecting the electronic data of clients.  Our clients include healthcare providers that manage protected health information in cloud-based electronic health record systems, e-commerce website and software developers, and on-line merchants/ vendors handling financial transactions via the Internet.   We prepare agreements routinely to establish lines of ownership in and proprietary rights to data and information.

We additionally have experience in assisting software developers with internal intellectual property policies and disclosure statement, work for hire relationships, and other types of collaborative software development.

Attorneys: Clay GraysonCallie Campbell




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